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Spring Break in South Royalton

That’s right folks, I am living large in this sleepy town, which is even more drowsy with 80% of the student population gone.

Some people go to a warm, sunny place to get away from Vermont’s marathon winters.  But some of us can’t get enough!  I for one love getting my car stuck in back country driveways.  Nothing says “I’m an independent woman” like digging your sans-snow tire Focus out of an icy snow drift!

March is a big month for snow here, a good time to bust out the snowshoes and cross country skis.  Even if it is still white outside, I have also been using my break to do some spring cleaning.

When I am not being a domestic snow bunny goddess, I am earning lots of work study at the library, along with tackling all those other academic projects I just can’t seem to get to during a regular working week.

You may be thinking, “gee wiz, does Dana ever have any fun?”  I would say, “not as much as I use to!”  You may think, “That’s not what I want to hear!”  To that, I would say, “tough luck, sugar, welcome to grad school.”  Or is that Rose talking?

This break hasn’t been all work and no play.  I did go down to Providence to visit an old college chum and his boyfriend.  We made slow cooker meals and drank whisky and cokes like good adults do.  I also watched an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.  The lip-sync-for-your-life this week was purely inspirational.

I know I may sound like a sourpuss, but let me tell you, I am thankful for this spring break.  I needed some time to get my life in order before pushing ahead with the rest of the semester.  I know we are hear to sit in on these classes, but sometimes they are interruptions.  You come to learn and be challenged, and you find yourself off somewhere in the field watching your professor pick daisies.  Then the question becomes, why watch someone else pick daisies, when you could go pick your own?

So now, it is my time, and all the daisies are covered in a few feet of the white stuff.



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