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Boy, this has been the longest winter that I have lived through in a long time. This Friday, April 1st, we are supp. to get hit with approx. another foot of snow as well! Anyways, these are some of the things that I have learned about living in the cold this year:

1) Wear heat gloves when opening/ closing the hot doors on your wood stove! I just covered my hand with my sleeve, and I burned through my shirt.

2) Keep some pasta or ramen noodles on hand! We lost power for a few days – pasta was easy to make with water that we boiled over the wood stove.

3) Keep lots of blankets and a Thermacare heatwrap on hand! Our heat went out several times, and in the below zero degree weather we would have frozen without these items.

4) Be careful of ice while walking and driving!

Enjoy the storm on Friday everyone! I guess we will be able to continue skiing 🙂


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