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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Thanks To The Drivers!

In my case, one of the hard parts about living in South Royalton is not being able to move about on my own easily.  The public transportation system here is not exactly glorious, but we have found a way of helping each other move about the area.  I am writing this blog to give special […]

Ruh roh! Time for Scooby Snacks?

Oh, cripes.  Preparing for exams is going to be even more difficult than I thought.  I’m hoping that the last two will be easy after the first two, since the first two have been courses with parts I & II, building on concepts learned throughout the entire year.  Hopefully I’ll keep sane by tackling my […]

Reading (period) is fundamental

Once again, I find myself working on outlines that I should have been adding to throughout the semester.  This is after finishing up a 30 page paper that I should have had a rough draft of weeks in advance, while searching for a subletter that I should have had lined up sooner than now. Woulda, […]

Spring decided to ride roughshod

Things have not slowed down.  Classes ending, interview, a final paper due, a meeting for one of next spring’s classes, going home to visit a deathbed, getting formally engaged (though we’ve had everything for next year booked for weeks), going home in a few days for a funeral and then somehow rushing back for my […]

“Give It All You’ve Got!”

The new mantra is to give it all I’ve got till the end!  These are particularly good times to listen to one of my favourite reggae musicians, Beres Hammond, who has a song for almost every moment in time, and they are groovy and melo.  The song title above reminds us to put everything into […]

1 Paper, 1 Exam

This school year has been long and arduous, yet I am really sad to see it end. I enjoyed all of my classes and I made some really great friends. Also, in a matter of weeks my 3L (soon to be alumni) friends will be scattered around the US, and I will be a 3L. […]

My first year

As I conclude my final year at VLS, I am more confident that this is where I should be studying law.  While the educational quality of this institute is unmatched, what has most confirmed that I should be here is its people.  Without them, it is likely that I would no longer be a student. […]

Last Day

Today is the last day of my law school career.  I am happy, sad, and scared out of my mind.  I am happy because I am ready to move on from this period of life and enter the working world.  I am sad because I have to say good bye to a lot of great […]

I find this to be one of the most interesting buildings in SoRo and I hope they don’t let it fall apart!

Almost over….

The first year of law school is almost over. The end is in sight. After listening to sentimental au revoirs from professors and handing in evaluation forms,  I automatically recollect the uncertainties I had before entering law school.  I was scared, timid, and naive. Now, well, not much has changed. However, even in my uncertainties, I […]