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Law school, the bokor?

Oh, wow.  March running into April running into May seems marathon-like to me at the moment.  Papers, usual readings, elections, try outs, an oral argument Tuesday that I am not yet ready for, a quiz that is manageable, and a paper due a week later.  I don’t get enough sleep but I can’t have much caffeine, yet have to be able to drive the roughly 50 minutes in each direction each day.  Plus, I have yet to pick classes, need to work out the details of an internship, etc.  How does everyone manage everything while still seeming sociable and human?  Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered whatever their secret is, so please forgive my cranky (or unresponsive), zombie-like, blank eyed nature as I try to not drown in the deluge of work.  On the bright side, the semester is almost over!


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