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Bar Prep

So I’ve started the Bar Bri Early Mobile Start Program for Alaska since I have to travel to Alaska and then to DC for a few days in June so that I make sure that I stay on schedule with everyone else based on all this traveling.  I received a box of 30 pounds of books!  Whew!  That was a heavy box to carry up my stairs.  Once I got them, I opened everything up and was actually really excited!  I hooked up my iPod Touch, went through all the materials, and started downloading and reading as the Paced Program states.  This week though, I haven’t had too much time to devote so I’ll need to play catch up after my last class on Thursday evening.  However, I have 2 weeks in Michigan to catch up and maybe even get ahead.  Wish me luck!  They say that I’ll do over 600 hours of studying 🙂


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