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Almost over….

The first year of law school is almost over. The end is in sight.

After listening to sentimental au revoirs from professors and handing in evaluation forms,  I automatically recollect the uncertainties I had before entering law school.  I was scared, timid, and naive. Now, well, not much has changed. However, even in my uncertainties, I have had an amazing time picking up useful skill sets.

I drank too many cups of French roast coffee, spent endless days in Chase loft, attended an insane amount of meetings, been cold-called by professors, stammered my way  to cohesive answers, orally argued a case and formed solid bonds with a diverse crowd of people. I have spent wonderful nights listening to WTTF, danced alone to keep myself sane, enjoyed a collage of memorable experiences and learned to keep a liberal open mind.

Even though you might disagree, I see subtle improvements in my writing. I am tired of alternate dispute resolution classes. I also have spent too much money playing pool at Crossroads. I have made social mistakes…probably enough to make me sigh. Not enough to make me regret.

In the short run, one year  has quickly flown by. In the long run, I consider myself blessed.

Next, come exams. As the Special1 says, “Be Champions!”


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