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My first year

As I conclude my final year at VLS, I am more confident that this is where I should be studying law.  While the educational quality of this institute is unmatched, what has most confirmed that I should be here is its people.  Without them, it is likely that I would no longer be a student.

My wife and I have had a very rough semester.  After suffering our 4th miscarriage, Sarah suffered significant problems that put her life in jeopardy.  As you can imagine, studies were on the back burner and I simply did not know if I’d ever catch up.  Amazingly, however, everyone pulled together to help us.  From students bringing us meals, to classmates sending me classnotes, to professors taking time to meet with me when I could be available, I can finish this semester and move forward.  The love and compassion shown to us has been astounding, and I thank God for enabling us to be at Vermont Law School.


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