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“Give It All You’ve Got!”

The new mantra is to give it all I’ve got till the end!  These are particularly good times to listen to one of my favourite reggae musicians, Beres Hammond, who has a song for almost every moment in time, and they are groovy and melo.  The song title above reminds us to put everything into whatever we are doing on a given day and after that, leave the rest to Jah!  We may not always get what we wished, but we would have given it all we’ve got, and that can make all the difference.  The song also helps me focus on the big picture as I prepare for my exams.  Yes, it is painful staying up for so long and reading stuff you would rather not read, but the constant reminder of why I am here energizes and renews my strength in staying focus. Hammond did end the song by saying, “follow you heart; go out and play.” But this is no play time Beres; not a time to play at all!


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