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Reading (period) is fundamental

Once again, I find myself working on outlines that I should have been adding to throughout the semester.  This is after finishing up a 30 page paper that I should have had a rough draft of weeks in advance, while searching for a subletter that I should have had lined up sooner than now.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Not that I feel like I have been slacking off this semester.  It did not seem like I did much else except school-related stuff, whether it be applying to jobs, extracurriculars, or working at the library, on top of everything for classes.  I reckon this has been the busiest semester of them all, going by in a blur.

Somehow, I don’t feel panic.  Things will get done, especially without the daily interruptions of class.  Reading period-thank you.

Some classes are a waste of time.  Poor class management, inability to relate key points of the material.  Classes act more to break up one’s day and concentration.  They are like unnecessary business meetings, cutting into overall productivity.  So much of law school you end up learning from a book, only to relearn it from another book when you study for the bar.  Few professors have the ability to bring learning the basics to another level of intellectual engagement that makes all the money you pay for law school a justifiable investment.

Take Prof. Hanna.  If you can, take her for evidence.  Her evidence class is a great example of helping students apply the principles to the real world and applying analytical skills, while also drilling us on the fundamentals.  Class was never a waste of time, thats for sure.

Perhaps I am just done with the class room for a while, since I have been here for almost two years.  I have internships and the South Royalton Legal Clinic lined up for the rest of the year.  So much of this year has been an indulgence in the academic pursuits I missed from my undergrad days.  I am thankful for having been able to pursue a range of topics, but it is clear that there is more to be done than what is accomplished in the classroom or through academic exercises.  It is time to put things to action.

Good luck, everyone!


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