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Thanks To The Drivers!

In my case, one of the hard parts about living in South Royalton is not being able to move about on my own easily.  The public transportation system here is not exactly glorious, but we have found a way of helping each other move about the area.  I am writing this blog to give special thanks to all those who have made locomotion in SoRo convenient for me.  I made several trips this semester in relation to both Law School conferences and the work I do with the Jeneba Project.  Sometimes I had to call many of you at very odd hours to pick me up from local stations, and there was always one of you to rescue me.  I may not have expressed my feelings of gratitude enough, but I want you to know that I often felt special each time one of you gave up the very limited sleep we have around her in order to pick me up.  I am grateful for your company on those wintery late nights and early mornings. Moreover, I thank the entire VLS community for the personal support we give each other daily.  It is with such genuine love and service to one another that we succeed in doing what we came to do here.  Continue to share the love, especially as the sun now shines overhead.!


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