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Monthly Archives: May 2011

1 Week

1 more week exactly until my law school graduation!  It is surreal that these last 3 years went by so fast.  Last week I found both my dress and shoes for graduation.   If there is any excuse to treat yourself, it is definitely your law school graduation!  I can’t wait until my family comes […]

Property: One Last Stand

My last final exam of the semester is today!  Although I’m excited for relieving the burdensome weight of exams from my shoulders, I am nevertheless nervous for this exam as well.  I’m worried about not spotting issues or misidentifying issues.  There are a few areas of Property that snag me up a bit (like differentiating […]

I need you to bring the truck back (Surprise!)

We’ve had my fiance’s parents’ truck for the past week.  When we went home for the funeral, we left my car at my parents’ house because it needs various maintenance and work done.  We also needed the truck to transport an elliptical that we were buying.  Originally, everything was hunky dory for us to bring […]


Last exam is done!  Tomorrow I will hand in my final law school exam and might feel the need to do a cartwheel in the middle of the office.  Luckily enough, my husband has Tuesday and Wednesday off so we can spend some much needed time together.  Making a marriage work through law school is […]

Post-Crim Law Exam

Hooray!  Three out of four exams are out of the way!  The day is bright, beautiful, and sunny (though a little too breezy, wondering if anything of significant size will blow off of the trees or if our chairs will go, I should move them…).  I still feel physically eh, but not the mess I […]

Pre-Crim Law Exam

Uh oh.  I slept poorly and woke up with stress-induced sickness (or, at least, what had better be stress induced sickness… ), meanwhile I have my third exam in slightly more than an hour and a half from now.  D= I’m hoping to do well, but at this point I’m not sure if I can […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Each year you give her a card expressing your love. She reads the words: “you’re the best mum in the whole wide world,” and smiles, proud of her kid too. This year you donate to the Jeneba Project in her honour in order to make other mums just like her. This time she is prouder; her job […]

“so, are you excited?”

In under a week, I will be in San Francisco, right in the neighborhood I wanted to be in, doing righteous work (and being fabulous, in general). My friends know I have been aiming to get out there for months, they know I will have an awesome time, hence why they keep checking in about […]

Quiet day

I enjoyed today, even though others may consider my day to have been boring.  Woke up late (oops?), went to the dump (I must be the only person who is happy after visiting the dump, and getting rid of less than fragrant garbage), went for a walk, read, grilled, puttered around putting things away, and […]

One More Week

Finals are a very interesting time at law school.  While we spend four months earnestly trying to keep up with the constant stream of material covered, the final week and a half of school is a crap shoot.  I have honestly learned (or at least covered) more substantive material since January than I had my […]