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The Sun Is Shining Again!

Just a few weeks ago the snow seemed unlimited in South Royalton, but now I wake up every morning thinking whether I am still in the same snow infested place I used to be.  It is perhaps one of these bright mornings that made Bob Marley sing his famous lyric: “the sun is shining…makes me wanna move my dancing feet.”  Well, in our case, since all this brightness begins when exams are looming, we can only savour it a bit before rushing back into that bunker that is the library.  However, it is nice to be working hard knowing that brighter days lie ahead.  This is the part of the three seasons that made me want to be on this coast of the US.  As a Sierra Leonean, I may never get to see a dramatic change of weather such as snow blizzards, but I would have had enough before returning to my home of hot and rain.  As the queen of Norway once suggested to me, I may just be on the Sierra Leonean ski team…not a chance!


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