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One Down!

One down but still far from the end of exams, and it is rainy and wet all day.  Stuff like this just remind me of my country Sierra Leone where everything has a superstitious explanation.  It is not a good sign to have rain on an eventful day, but hey, I am not in Sierra Leone now, so I don’t have to believe such superstition.  Well, the truth is that I would rather not believe it, since that would mean the rain is negative effect on my Civ Pro exams.  Plus, good weather around here makes it really really really hard to study. What is certainly great about exam days, though, is the fact that we get food and coffee in the morning and afternoon.  See, whoever came up with that idea is in my good book.  Food readily available is very good for easing some of the anxiety that develops when exams are in the air.  Since most people may not have time to make breakfast, providing food removes the adverse effects of hunger combined with sleep deprivation.  Now I must get ready for the beast of all exams: Con Law.


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