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Civ Pro, putting the “fun” in “funeral”

Today was my first final exam of the semester, civil procedure II.  Although the exam was not terrible, I think I would have been a bit more comfortable taking the exam if there had been more time for me to prepare, go over my notes, make sure my rule book was highlighted, tabbed, and annotated properly, and just generally be more ready.  We went home Monday morning for a wake that evening and a funeral the next day, coming back Tuesday evening.  Wednesday morning was emergency exam preparation time, and the afternoon was the exam.  My computer was sluggish to start up but made it through the exam, and then did not want to shut down.  It’s working well again, but who knows what will happen for my next exam, on Friday.  It’s also been dreary, rainy, and chilly today, fitting for exams.  We have a fire going, and someone said it is supposed to snow tomorrow night.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter and more cheerful day!


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