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That Feeling Again

Living away from home is easier as long as school is running and I am mostly around my friends.  I miss home from time to time but I am always preoccupied with my friends and how to utilize most of my time away from home.  I have been in the States for awhile now, and I am getting that feeling I always get only in May.  Its almost gloomy, but I am not sad, just mid-way between weak and disinterested.  It has nothing to do with exams…or maybe it does.  But the most appropriate answer I believe is the fact that many of my friends will be graduating and the rest will be going away on fun summer activities, while I am here doing nothing.  I can’t take summer classes and not allowed work-study (I need to become American); there is nothing I can do.  Well, at least not officially.  As I take my exams, I am also constantly puzzling my little mind on all the things I could with the available time!  Read the books I never finished; visit those friends I haven’t called back; swim in the lake; work with the Jeneba Project…and so on and so forth.  These are all great, with the minor predicament that by the time I realize them all, I would be in class again being a 2 budding L.


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