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Quiet day

I enjoyed today, even though others may consider my day to have been boring.  Woke up late (oops?), went to the dump (I must be the only person who is happy after visiting the dump, and getting rid of less than fragrant garbage), went for a walk, read, grilled, puttered around putting things away, and more things on that note.  The weather has been inconsistent, going from warm, bright, and sunny to breezy, dark, and rainy periodically throughout the day.  Also, my downstairs neighbors may be moving, which is simultaneously good and bad.  They (or at least one of them) do not like us (or at least one of us) living here, as they like to party and we apparently cramp their style.  They leave the property a mess though.  We could end up with better neighbors, or we could end up with worse ones.  Or, our landlord could decide to sell.  He’s thinking of selling in two or three years, but since his other property just lost its roof, is crumbling at the foundation, and will probably be condemned soon (we’re glad we didn’t move there, it was an option at the time), he may just decide to jump ship and not be a landlord any longer.  Time will tell.  But, alas, it is time to finally get to reviewing for my first final of next week.


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