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“so, are you excited?”

In under a week, I will be in San Francisco,

right in the neighborhood I wanted to be in,

doing righteous work (and being fabulous, in general).

My friends know I have been aiming to get out there for months, they know I will have an awesome time, hence why they keep checking in about my excitement.  Sometimes I feel like they are more excited for my summer than I am, since finals sure are making it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Last year, finals were everything.  How you performed during those two rounds played a HUGE part in determining the rest of your law school career, even beyond.  As bullshit as that is, it does put things in perspective, at least for the majority of students in any given class.  After those first two semesters, who cares?  You move up, you move down.  It all becomes school, mere simulations of what the real world will be like.

After weeks of living in the library and seeing the same people for well over a year now, I am more than ready for the taste of the real thing.

Yes, I am so excited for this summer!


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