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Post-Crim Law Exam

Hooray!  Three out of four exams are out of the way!  The day is bright, beautiful, and sunny (though a little too breezy, wondering if anything of significant size will blow off of the trees or if our chairs will go, I should move them…).  I still feel physically eh, but not the mess I was this morning.  The exam was pretty much what was to be expected from this professor, a bit of a zany fact pattern with so many issues that it would be impossible to tackle them all during a timed exam.  Luckily, we were able to bring just about anything with us (no commercial outlines, no previous years’ exam questions or answers) like our notes, textbooks, supplements, outlines, etc.  Having those was like a nice warm security blanket – cozy, reassuring, and helpful at just the right times.  Now, only one exam left, on Thursday!  Hoping to go to the beach Wednesday (LONG trip, eek), as long as I get enough preparation for my last exam done ahead of time.  Tonight I will work on it after I finish putting some things away here, laundry (maybe not putting the clean stuff away… but at least washing and drying things), and grocery shopping.  But, since I have only one exam left, I feel excited even just to prepare for it!  Hopefully that mindset continues for the rest of the week.


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