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I need you to bring the truck back (Surprise!)

We’ve had my fiance’s parents’ truck for the past week.  When we went home for the funeral, we left my car at my parents’ house because it needs various maintenance and work done.  We also needed the truck to transport an elliptical that we were buying.  Originally, everything was hunky dory for us to bring the truck back the next time we go home, which will be next week. Not so anymore.

This morning, we get a phone call, stating that his dad needs the truck again.  This also means that unless we want to be driving the truck and his car to NY, my car needs to be ready.  Meanwhile, I have my last final Thursday afternoon.  In theory, I could stay here and have him take back the truck and pick up my car, but in practice, that isn’t the greatest.

So, tomorrow morning we’re going home (hopefully morning, hopefully tonight’s shift really does end at 2am and there are no call outs after that).  Then, we’re coming back to VT Thursday morning, and I can go take my final.


Maybe I can hide out with the bunnies for awhile before and after the exam.

Their fluffy cheeriness will be a comfort in light of my upcoming exam.  For some reason, I really dislike exams.   Or at least, I dislike anything that is a significant portion of a grade that I have to worry about completing in a single stroke, rather than building up points throughout the semester.

Tonight’s to-do list:  Learn material for my final, prepare my notes for my final, pack, get everything out and ready for tomorrow morning, put other misplaced things away.  On a side note, I did manage to put away most of yesterday’s laundry, which was nice.  Less nice is that the wasps are getting more testy and we discovered carpenter ants, indoors.  Still, it was a nice day outside.  Hopefully tomorrow’s weather holds up but I’ve heard through the grapevine that we should expect rain.  We had been planning to go to the beach with friends, but between the rain and having to go home, we can’t.  Hopefully we can make it there this summer, once the weather is more stable.  Over the summer I’ll also have my internship, which is also exciting.  Hopefully I will learn a bunch and sharpen my skills, then head on in to the first semester of 2L year!


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