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Last exam is done!  Tomorrow I will hand in my final law school exam and might feel the need to do a cartwheel in the middle of the office.  Luckily enough, my husband has Tuesday and Wednesday off so we can spend some much needed time together.  Making a marriage work through law school is a job in itself, but I’m happy to say that our relationship endured law school and we are only a few weeks away from celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary.

Graduation is next Saturday and I can’t believe it.  We are going to be visiting the family that can’t make it to graduation at some point this week.  Then next Friday family begins arriving.  I’ve made dinner reservations and arranged parking, and I can’t wait to go shopping with my friends later this week to pick out dresses.  The rain has finally let up and we have had a few gorgeous days.  And I am so happy that I will have a few days to enjoy the sun!


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