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Property: One Last Stand

My last final exam of the semester is today!  Although I’m excited for relieving the burdensome weight of exams from my shoulders, I am nevertheless nervous for this exam as well.  I’m worried about not spotting issues or misidentifying issues.  There are a few areas of Property that snag me up a bit (like differentiating between magic words that all sound and mean the same in plain language), so I’m worried about those popping up on the exam.  I’ve done what relearning and reviewing that I could, and now just need to print out materials to bring with me.  Almost there!

We also just got back to Vermont this morning, following a bottleneck of traffic on the Adirondack Northway.  Fortunately, the weather in New York and Vermont has been wonderful (I’d like to spend some time outdoors today), so our travels were relatively pleasant.  It was also pleasant to see our families, and to see another shooting star last night.  All of this put me in a better mood and helped to relax me (at least a little bit) before my last final, which I think helps.  Taking time to relax (even if it’s just to take a walk outside) reaps extremely beneficial results, most importantly, making you feel better when you would otherwise feel like poo.  So, take some time, go outside, visit your family, have some ice cream, just do something – anything – to relax.  It makes a world of difference.


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