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1 Week

1 more week exactly until my law school graduation!  It is surreal that these last 3 years went by so fast.  Last week I found both my dress and shoes for graduation.   If there is any excuse to treat yourself, it is definitely your law school graduation!  I can’t wait until my family comes on Friday and Saturday, and I am really excited to celebrate with everyone.  Without their support I would have never made it through law school.

Bar prep starts in about a week and a half, so I am spending the time until then working on early bar prep with some fun activities mixed in.  Preparation for the bar exam is far different from preparation for a law school exam, and it is going to be a very intense two months of studying.  Although I do not necessarily want to be doing the early bar prep right now, after starting it, I realized how important it is because I am going to need to adjust my study habits.


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