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D-I-Y (bubble burst)

A legal education is a solid foundation.  Unfortunately, the paper, degrees and letters behind your name are not enough to overcome the world. Just between us, a legal education is more like a framework, in that it allows a complicated thing to seem more streamlined because it provides a specific lens through which the world is seen, and a particular set of tools for a given problem. It can provide a knowledge base, and contacts while creating a space for information and energy to become inspiration. It is transformational. And can certainly supply you with sight but let me be the one to burst your bubble, an education does not create a vision, you do. If you want to be happy, to live a life of purpose, you do it yourself.

It does not pay to enter into a size-able debt load or the emotional, socio-psychological juggernaut of  a legal education before you have searched your soul for that intangible thing that outlasts ambition. Simply put, methodology, cannot not save you from the task of figuring out who and what you were born to be. It cannot be networked in a chance extraction with a news maker, or rubbed off of the shoulders of colleagues even if they can get you an interview with human resources. The dream, no matter how simple comes from dreaming.

Two years after graduation I am still gregarious by nature. I am sociable, to be sure, and expert at  navigating the pack dynamics of a cocktail hour or an informal meet and greet. This skill has come in at least as handy as the degrees I hold, or the experiences that make up my resume. Two years away, I am still engaged in the  all important act of dreaming .  As I type I am engaged in the trench work that will my transform my skill sets into a physical place where I go to do what I do.  I am wading out past internships, chipped egos and unemployment numbers for more than a job and the things that money can provide. I wake up everyday among stories of mergers, downsized cohorts and large-scale cut backs and I’m happy to follow my own advice and do it myself. No divining rods here.



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  1. danamay
    Posted June 24, 2011 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    Thank you for the post, Tamara!

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