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Time flies

I have less than three weeks here in California before I move on to my next internship.

It continues to be a beautiful time here, where I keep meeting wonderful people who I want to have daily adventures with in this lovely city in this lovely state.

It struck me at the beginning of this week how I really haven’t done all the networking I thought I would do with my time out here.  You could say that I have been too busy enjoying myself. 😉

But, there is something to be said for that.  I have built up a social network of friends since arriving here.  This was the same thing that happened when I first came to DC a few years ago.  Really, it was my friends that helped me to find a job there, emotional support until luck struck me in my professional life.

I talk to some people and they tell me to do a, b, and c, but I think my friend, a bit older and having gone through the same professional/personal hurdles (and about to graduate from grad school and face the same stuff AGAIN), had it right over beers one evening: don’t worry about it now.

Who knows where I will end up.  Maybe SF, maybe Chicago, or DC, or NYC, where ever.  I have what it takes to surround myself with good people and build community, it’s just landing the job.  I also have a seventh semester in which to plant myself somewhere and really start the networking hustle, but with (hopefully) bar passage and a JD under my belt.  “Pretty soon you will have to decide all these things, Dana.  Right now, though, you are having a good time and you should just HAVE IT.”

It seems reckless, pushing my worries aside as I let my hair down and dance my day away at an afternoon dance party in the Mission.  But why take the energy and risk to make it somewhere if you don’t take the time to fall in love with it?  With another fabulous weekend lined up, I have to think this is the best advice I have heard in a while!


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