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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Process as progress

To aspire towards the practice of law one must possess, among other things,  a counter intuitive mix of ego, romanticism, energy,  discipline  and hope.  The endeavor requires a thick skin because the power in it is as likely to inspire  love as hate from all sorts of people, all whom are quite certain that they […]

Honeymoon is Over

It now seems that after one month in law school the honeymoon period is over.  All of the introductory assignments and discussions have finished and it’s now time to really start outlining, studying, and preparing for the midterm exams and papers.  I can definitely feel the pressure of the nearing exam period.  I hope all […]


I am in the process of determining which is worse (1) taking the bar exam or (2) waiting for the bar exam results.  After the bar exam was over it was so easy to not think about it.  The months of constant studying followed by the exam gave way to relief that you were free.  […]

Hooray for Fall!

I love fall. Its crisp breezes, brilliant blue skies, colorful leaves, apple picking, and pumpkin everything make me giddy; like a little kid. It’s been a few years since I’ve experienced a proper East Coast autumn, and what better place to do it than Vermont? This year, however, the transition from summer to fall, feels […]

Through the Storm

As a 1L, the curiosity and tendency toward uncertainty runs rampant for the majority of us. Law School is different. We’ve all heard about the stories of professors embarrassing students and recreating the scenes from “The Paper Chase.” In a way I was initially concerned about those types of occurrences. The worry of becoming “that […]

Do ask, Do Tell…

The Gay Straight Alliance was told by a faculty member that the administration would make some announcement about the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal today.  When we did not see it happen, we asked to speak at the SBA meeting.  This is what I said: Students, Staff, and Faculty- Today marks the repeal of Don’t […]

First Month in Vermont

I am a 1L this year and this is my first time in Vermont…Ever.  I have now officially been here for one month and that time has passed quickly and in a very interesting manner.  I have so far survived my first hurricane experience, the first few weeks of law school, all the while having […]

Tell me why

The question on everybody’s mind has been: “Why do you want to go to law school?” And of course the question on everybody’s mind here in South Royalton has been: “Why did you choose Vermont Law School?” Let’s travel back in time a bit, shall we? Picture it: Chicago. 1988. “Parents Just Don’t Understand” was […]

An Interesting Beginning

The start to my law school career has been rather unique. Not everyone can say they were washed out on their first day of law school—literally, washed out! The morning we were supposed to begin classes, Hurricane Irene tore through the state of Vermont, damaging meaningful property, demolishing major highways, displacing many families, and ruining […]

Bore you to death?

They say the first year of law school they scare you to death, the second they work you to death, and by the third, well, you must be prepared to die of boredom. How could that be possible?  After two long years of this rat race? Our fifth grade teacher always scolded us when we […]