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Bore you to death?

They say the first year of law school they scare you to death, the second they work you to death, and by the third, well, you must be prepared to die of boredom.

How could that be possible?  After two long years of this rat race?

Our fifth grade teacher always scolded us when we said we were bored, believing that life was too full of things to pursue for one to ever feel idle.

So why the third year bores?  Certainly, the first two years of the adage are right on, and dare I say, I am feeling the onset of the third, as well.

I have a few more days before receiving real casework at the South Royalton Legal Clinic, and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to that.  After a summer of handling other people’s problems, it is hard to go back to the made up fact patterns and make believe for school.  Perhaps that is part of the din many grow tired of by third year.  We know we are ready for the real thing, so why take out more loans as to fulfill extra credit hours?

Bah, there is no place for such an attitude.  A friend asked me about Rose this evening.  To think I had nearly forgotten about her.  Rose wouldn’t let me get away with such pontificating on the dimensions of 3L boredom.  She would be more inclined to badger me about lingering in the smokey bar with her and not being out enjoying these warm September days we have been having.  “Too much free time?” she would ask, “so why are you wasting it here with me?”

Oh, but it is not really free time, is it?  It is time I should be spending looking for a J.O.B.  Oh, one can’t turn on the news without hearing about the pathetic economy, can Rose really blame us for wanting to take the edge off? Nah, she understands, she just hopes we avoid the painful and mundane doing something fun, for goddess sakes.

I will think of ol’ Rose when I am at the Tunbridge World Fair this weekend.  Hell, maybe I will go an extra day, just for her, linger in the beer tent a little too long and hoot the loudest for the biggest loser in the pig races.  Oh Rose, you will be there in spirit, yes ma’am.  I promise you, boredom will never be my death.


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