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Hooray for Fall!

I love fall. Its crisp breezes, brilliant blue skies, colorful leaves, apple picking, and pumpkin everything make me giddy; like a little kid. It’s been a few years since I’ve experienced a proper East Coast autumn, and what better place to do it than Vermont? This year, however, the transition from summer to fall, feels slightly strange, more noticeable than in the past. Looking back a month ago, law school had yet to begin. Shorts, tank tops, and flip flops were still appropriate attire. Irene was just another girl’s name. Small town life was a novelty. Now, I wear sweaters and scarves. Irene, whoever she is, is unpopular and unwelcome. And small town life? It remains cute and quaint, but I find myself evermore looking forward to my upcoming trip to the big city.

Somewhere amidst the change, I developed a routine. Formerly unfamiliar faces are fast becoming friendly. Legal concepts and terms previously unknown make sense. I can now explain what Torts is about, as well as Civil Procedure. I know where to fit in my runs. I know when to leave my apartment in order to get to class on time. I know when to work and when to play. I am a creature of habit; I learned during undergrad that I am most productive when I have a schedule and things are in order. Yet, while I appreciate routine, it can, at times, be, well, a little boring.

That’s why I find fall’s arrival so exciting. It awakens me again to the adventure – law school- upon which I have embarked. See, one of the reasons I love fall is because I associate it with a new beginning, a new school year. Yes, I was one of those kids who got excited about purchasing new notebooks, new pencils, and, of course, new clothes. I always found the first day of school fun because it meant meeting my teachers and classmates. Granted, in law school, the first day comes long before the start of fall, even before Labor Day. Yet, fall’s arrival reminds me of the great potential a new school year possesses.

It also fills me with a sense of urgency. Not concerning academics or exams, but in regards to the season. With fall, I feel like someone is yelling at me to get outside and have fun before winter comes. “Go hiking,” it suggests, “go explore!” Basically, I hear fall commanding me to do all those things that I want to do before it snows. Because, let’s face it, I am not a fan (gross understatement) of snow (Yes, I realize I moved to Vermont).

So, I will get outside. I will enjoy fall. I will be thankful for my routine, but also excited about being here and the opportunities it presents – both in the classroom and beyond. Hopefully you will too.




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