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Honeymoon is Over

It now seems that after one month in law school the honeymoon period is over.  All of the introductory assignments and discussions have finished and it’s now time to really start outlining, studying, and preparing for the midterm exams and papers.  I can definitely feel the pressure of the nearing exam period.  I hope all I have learned in the first month in regards to note taking, outlining, and general class organization will carry me through the next month with little problems or upsets. The realization that so much of my grade is dependent on my performance in the next 3 – 4 weeks is very real and imminent.

With that said, I am truly grateful for study group sessions, the ASP, which is useful during the week for review and guidance, and the ASP study lectures.  It’s nice to go to a school that really has accessible study aids and guidance, especially when your whole grade is dependent on one, maybe two exams. Keeping a strict schedule has also really helped me to stay focused and get a lot accomplished in a limited amount of time.  I just hope I can stick with it and not get burnt-out!


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