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Process as progress

To aspire towards the practice of law one must possess, among other things,  a counter intuitive mix of ego, romanticism, energy,  discipline  and hope.  The endeavor requires a thick skin because the power in it is as likely to inspire  love as hate from all sorts of people, all whom are quite certain that they have it sussed out.  A kind of revealing takes place  from the moment you decide to take the LSAT.  Layers of acceptance or rejection peel back the past and usher you from the present to your indefinite future. It is a filtering  process, one that imparts feelings of impending genius to the applicant who scores the relatively right score.  And like a stain those feelings of impending and genius stay with you as you sail through the hours of paperwork, essays and revisions, statements of intention, vision and planning. It doesn’t just happen,  you commit and recommit to the process at every point until graduation.

As tossed hats sail and moving boxes will prove the basic level of preparation ends and another level of training begins.  This next phase is tricky because it involves all sorts of emotional, interpersonal and highly subjective thinking, which to be frank is the exact opposite of what you will have spent the last few years becoming expert at. Reason has its place as do economic factors, grades, preparation and focused skill building but those components only lay the track. You will have to navigate  along the stations, stages, phases of your career and that requires a conductor.  A human, who isn’t just stopping and starting or responding to prompts and that person is well,  you.  You have choices to make, to  go where there is work, to a practice area where there are offerings,  to where your heart leads you. In most cases  you will  have applied, researched and interviewed intensely.  Will you  figure it out with a mentor?  What happens if it isn’t what you thought it would be? In the long run,  money cannot permanently assuage  your feelings and shifting ideas.  And in some cases there is no money,  apologies to those with weak stomachs.

In any case, at some point you will have to  fight to answer those questions and many more.  You will face the market,  peers, friends and family with questions about everything.  Don’t expect to be sure because the process cannot be avoided if you hope to find yourself in what you’re doing. The process is progress.



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    good advice and a nice read

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