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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Snow in October?!

Yesterday morning, I woke up to find a winter wonderland outside my window. It was a beautiful sight against a backdrop of mountains and birch trees. Too bad the calendar read “October 30th.” Snow before Halloween, nay Thanksgiving even, is a new experience for me. I find it comforting that such an early snowfall is […]

Whoa… we’re half way there…

…and I think a few of us were livin’ on a prayer this week.  Many of us 1Ls had a fairly stressful week.  After a legal writing midterm, a contracts midterm, and a torts paper, I think we are all happy to see the weekend.  I definitely tricked myself into being more nervous than necessary, […]

Learning to Write

Midterms have come and gone and our first real paper is complete. After feeling all too comfortable with the whole law school lifestyle, I spent this past weekend locked away diligently constructing and reconstructing a Civil Procedure paper. Essentially, I spent the weekend trying to condense a 23 to 24 page paper into 15 pages. […]

My Views On African Development

Education in Africa

Information Backup!

My advice this week is to back up everything on your computer immediately.  I unfortunately spilled water on my laptop and thankfully had everything backed-up on an external hard drive.  It literally saved me for classes and the eventuality of having to get a new computer.  I will still have all of my music, photos, […]

Cooking meals with friends

The sit-down family dinner: everyone from conservatives fearing the fall of civilization due to feminism and gay marriage to environmentalists sing the praises of this seemingly simple activity.  Of course, we all know how hard this can be to coordinate, and only a small portion of American families have ever been able to pull this […]

In Law School, Time Flies + the Work is Constant

A notice to future law students reading this blog: you will never run out of things to do in law school. At least not your first semester. Even when you finish your reading and assignments for the next day’s or week’s classes, there is still work to be done. Outlines, note reviews, exam prep, internship […]

Melodies For Jeneba

We know you are looking forward to this event and we are making sure to throw a grand one.  Tickets now available in chase and on the Jeneba Project website

Timing is Everything

Over the last month and a half I have learned that timing and scheduling are very crucial in law school.  Being able to keep a good, consistent schedule is crucial to having success in studying and staying on track with assignments.  There were a few days were I was pretty sick and became a little […]

A Jaunt to the Coast

We have been blessed with fantastic weather this fall break.  The days leading up to it were grey and rainy, so it was ever more sweet to have a long weekend of 70+ degree weather and sun to light up the brilliant fall colors in the mountains. Vermont will never provide one with the urban […]