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On Midterms

A quick study break, and a short post.

Midterms are upon us. For my fellow 1Ls and me, an introductory month of law school learning sans numerical evaluation comes to an end this week. Things are about to get real.

Honestly, I am not really nervous. I see no point in worrying. You may laugh, or consider me naive: “Ha! 1L, what do you know?” My thoughts may appear foolish to you now –and to me as well in hindsight– but, I feel peace. I have been disciplined in my studies and I have understood the material. Now, comes the chance for me to apply it; to gauge where I stand and what work I still have to do. I hope these words do not come across as cocky or overly confident; they are anything but. Rather, my words reflect that while law school (and, subsequently, doing well in law school, graduating high in my class, and securing an awesome job after law school) is very important to me, it is not the ultimate thing for me. By keeping things in perspective, I find myself enjoying the experience instead of agonizing over it.

And now it’s time for me to return to enjoying Contracts. ;o)


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