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A Jaunt to the Coast

We have been blessed with fantastic weather this fall break.  The days leading up to it were grey and rainy, so it was ever more sweet to have a long weekend of 70+ degree weather and sun to light up the brilliant fall colors in the mountains.

Vermont will never provide one with the urban experience many of us end up craving, but it does deliver nature.  Also, not far away at all, there is the ocean.

In my three years here, I have yet to make it to New Hampshire’s eighteen some miles of coastline, until this weekend.  In two hours, we were on the beach and daring each other to go under in 54 degree water.  We did, it was cold but rejuvenating.  We had seafood for dinner, we drank beer while admiring the view at night.  A pleasant, easy vacation.

There are a lot of opportunities to get out of SoRo on the cheap.  One can rent a tent from the gear shed at the library, borrow a sleeping bag, and split the gas between some friends for an hour or two drive to some place pretty.  One could couch surf in Montreal, as I have done on several occasions.  One can ease the worry of not attending to studies by bringing their reading on the train to and from New York.  Since we only get two days off for Thanksgiving, a period of time not worth the expense and time needed to go home for many, a lot of people stay in South Royalton, or celebrate with friends and family in nearby towns or cities.

Beyond the opportunities available to go to conferences and other functions that the school offers, there are plenty of ways for one to satisfy wanderlust.  Whether one chooses to indulge, is another.  Many people take their fall and spring breaks, weekends, and snow days to stay home and work.  All well and good, I guess, but it seems like a waste of one’s surroundings, especially for people attending a school invested in environmental law.  The few extra hours put in at home or at the library could equal just as much as bringing some work to a new place, combined with some time networking with local attorneys and taking a walk in the park, for example.  At the very least, take some time in the afternoon to hike up Kent’s Ledge, it is gorgeous this

If you do decide to move out here to study at VLS, plan your time during your 1, 3, or 4 years hear so you have the chance to sneak away every once and a while, when you are not glued to the books.  It can provide just the inspiration you need.


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