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Timing is Everything

Over the last month and a half I have learned that timing and scheduling are very crucial in law school.  Being able to keep a good, consistent schedule is crucial to having success in studying and staying on track with assignments.  There were a few days were I was pretty sick and became a little more relaxed in my study habits than I would otherwise allow, and I could definitely tell a difference in my preparation for classes.  Although it can be difficult to do, and there needs to be some allowances for unexpected events, keeping a good schedule of when to go to class, study, and rest are key to staying on track and having  stable and somewhat “sane” experience during law school.  I’m going into exams feeling comfortable, not necessarily confident, but comfortable knowing that I have stayed on track with studying and know the material sufficiently.  My advice, no matter how arduous or mundane a schedule may be it can definitely be a tool for success.


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