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Whoa… we’re half way there…

…and I think a few of us were livin’ on a prayer this week.  Many of us 1Ls had a fairly stressful week.  After a legal writing midterm, a contracts midterm, and a torts paper, I think we are all happy to see the weekend.  I definitely tricked myself into being more nervous than necessary, but I think given the situation it was easy to get freaked out.  I can’t speak for all 1Ls, but I think its safe to say this whole “law school” thing is new and strange for most of us.  With two midterms and a torts paper in front of me, I got myself really worked up and nervous about how I was going to survive it all.  For me, it wasn’t so much the material that I was worried about, but just the general idea that these would be our first “law school” exams and the first “law school” paper.  Turns out, they aren’t that much different than any other exam or paper I’ve done (though after I get my grades back, I may have a different opinion), and given my academic history, I’ve completed my share of exams and papers.  Now that I’ve survived these firsts and am out of the cloud of contracts and torts, I am suddenly aware of how quickly this semester is flying by.  Just a couple months ago, I was nervous about the first day of school, my classes, finding my way around campus, and pretty much anything and everything else that I had to do on a daily basis.  Now I feel like I’ve passed some major hurdle, and while things are still new and different, I feel a little more comfortable about this new life.  I’m sure I will again stress myself out to the same extent, if not more so, once finals are upon us, but surviving midterms certainly puts me a little more at ease about law school, at least for the time being…


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