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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Tunnel Vison

It’s not to be a crazy maker but the idea that only in less than two weeks away we’ll be sitting for finals is adrenaline inducing. That being said, I dread but anticipate it because regardless of the final result in that inch of time I’ll soon be home with family being amazingly unproductive and […]

Games we play.

Vermont Law School is different than other law schools nestled in a metropolitan area.  You move here and you start new hobbies, you start to play games.  You think such things are for children who are too young to go to clubs or fancy Thai restaurants.  You move here and suddenly you are picking up […]

Thanksgiving Post-Appellate… always a good thing!

When I first learned that I would be arguing my appellate brief on the opening evening of arguments, I felt rather overwhelmed.  I would have to get me brief completed sooner than most, and prepare for a 20 minute argument all before the Thanksgiving break.  So as I walked into my oral argument Monday, I […]


It seems like every time I post, I’m still amazed at how fast time is flying. But seriously, I can’t believe how fast the semester is going.  I’m SO looking forward to Thanksgiving and being home with my family and stuffing my face with some amazing food.  Thanksgiving was never a really big deal for […]

Almost . . .

I can not believe that it is almost Thanksgiving! Where has the semester gone? I know that we have all been bombarded with work over the past few weeks, and I am just looking forward to relaxing for a solid 24hr period!!! On Wednesday I heard that we were supp. to get snow and rain. […]

DC Living, Fin II – Bye, Bye Dottie.

Speaking of insects, let’s talk about how I miss Dottie. I had been wondering what type of spider It is amazing what you observe one day that makes you think in coincidences. I was looking out of the corner of one of the windows in the “living room” portion of the “apartment,” and saw a […]

DC Living, Fin I!

Dear Readers, If my “apartment” in D.C. was hell, then equivalently, my place in Seattle is heaven. It even has white carpeting. Well, the carpeting is a little beige in areas, and there’s an interesting mystery stain that is blue in the living room, but like most condos, the carpeting started off white. I’m not […]

Day 32. When I have Vacuums Dancing in My Head

First, the updates: • I just did my laundry, after dark. I literally battled the spider crickets with a rake I found by the door. I whacked and thumped, and whimpered, and ran my laundry to and from the facilities. I’m sure every tenant in the house, including the people under the stairs (scary movie […]

Day 25. The Creepies and the Jumpies

For those faint of heart, I’m about to discuss spider crickets. Of all the critters on the face of the planet, I cannot stand spider crickets. Spider crickets, as they are called in Kentucky, are also commonly called cave crickets (Texas) and camel crickets (DC). Regardless of where you are and what you call them, […]

Day 24. Landlord learns a lesson, or maybe not.

It has been a couple of days. There are so many things to record. For one, Dottie is worrying me. I didn’t see her for two days as se hid in the crevice of the wall. I thought she has abandoned me. She’s back, but she is acting weak. I told her this house is […]