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Day 24. Landlord learns a lesson, or maybe not.

It has been a couple of days. There are so many things to record. For one, Dottie is worrying me. I didn’t see her for two days as se hid in the crevice of the wall. I thought she has abandoned me. She’s back, but she is acting weak. I told her this house is a celibate one, so no babies! I hope that’s not the problem. Also, for the curious VLSers out there, I have solved the conundrum of Dottie’s waste disposal needs. Drum roll please… she’s a composting toilet type! Seriously, she made a little envelope in her webbing where her leftovers go. Dottie, the “green” spider! For another, I let Abbi off her leash in the yard so she could chase two of Landlord’s barky mutts, which was not my intent, but it was the only way we could get back into the yard (Abbi’s okay at greeting other dogs when she’s off leash), or whatever you would call a poop and dead grass-filled dirt box with chain link on the sides. It was pretty funny how fast they ran to the door and how quiet it was when all the yappiness stopped and Abbi was panting over them. I assured Landlord, who had goaded me at one point into coming into the yard while her dogs were out in it (“Oh, they won’t hurt you!”), that Abbi was just shepherding them, as is her nature. There’s also this strange old man in Takoma Park, with white hair and sailor’s eyes who seems to be walking past me, never the same direction as me, at least five times a week. He always says, “good morning, good afternoon, hello!” no matter what time of the day it is. Last week, he added that he liked the print of my skirt. I mumbled thank you, and was once again glad it’s been sunglasses weather.

Today when I came home, I felt really great. I turned in a few projects at work. I had some direction on another project, and since I could work on it at home, I left a little early to go to the gym (ran three miles, hurray!), and even stopped by the co-op for much needed food, since my meals began consisting of dried pea snacks, frozen berries, and Nutella on crackers. Coming up to my door, I even noted the pleasant smell around the house– that of lavender and laundry soaps. I guarantee it was coming from the industrious people who live next door. I like those people. They always look so clean, and there are always brightly colored towels draped over the porch banister, and the father has a British accent. Oh, to rent their extra bedroom! Anyway, I came home to find a note pinned down by my shabby doormat. It was from Landlord telling me that she would be fixing my kitchenette walls tomorrow, and she just wanted to let me know. Huzzah, hurray! Hulabaloo! She finally learned that my privacy is important to me, and that it is my legal right as a tenant in the state of Maryland! Yay! She respects my privacy and has stopped intruding into my space on whims! I’m going to send her a note saying thank you, and that will be fine. I might even be nice in my note to her. I was so excited as I retrieved me keys and unlocked the door to be greeted so warmly by the fur-babies.

My hopes dashed, a few letters and a small package from my mother, my mail, had been deposited inside my apartment. Landlord really just doesn’t get it. When she seems so fine with leaving my mail on my stoop up ’til now, why leave a note outside and my mail inside? Yes, I have no privacy. Have I mentioned that the missing wall thing started because the plumber was supposed to fix my bathroom faucet because no cold water comes out of that side of the tap? I still don’t have cold water running from my one sink, but I did get two weeks of a huge space in the wall that is covered in fuzzy green growth, and is breeding small, flying insects. I know I’m a biologist at heart, but if it’s not in a petri dish…


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