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…and then there was only two

This semester, I took a writing heavy work load so that I would not have as stressful of a final period.  In retrospect, the decision was not as helpful to my sanity as I initially envisioned.  For the past month, I have had to write 3 term papers, my appellate brief, and argue in two classes.  The work has been grueling, but at least I can now breathe.  I still have VJEL responsibilities to fulfill, but other than one final and a final presentation/paper for my perspective course, this fall semester is complete.

Next semester my course work will not be as labor intensive.  I will be spending three days a week in Montpelier for a part-time externship, and on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays for two classes.  Having spent last summer in an internship, I miss doing real work, and am excited to return to an office to put what I have learned at VLS into practice.  That final paper/presentation is due next Monday.  We will see how it goes.


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