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First Semester and Beyond

As December moves on, I can’t help being amazed that my first semester of Law School is almost complete. It seems as though I have gone from anxiously awaiting my LSAT score to sitting in my final first semesters classes overnight. To be honest, it’s sad. I’m going to miss having Contracts at 8:30…especially being able to learn from (and have a laugh with) the school icon, Professor Firestone. If the first semester has demonstrated one thing it is that there are two Law Schools. One being that of myth, legend, and scare tactics. The other being of reality and what you make of it. I will never say that school is easy, but I will say that learning is made simple if you follow what works for YOU. So many people will tell you to outline a certain way or use a certain color highlighter. Those suggestions may work, but don’t feel compelled. Being a lawyer is being an independent thinker that encourages the ability to organize and prepare in a way that works best for you as an individual. I’ve listened to the advice but I have realized that if I confine myself to doing what someone else says is right, I won’t enjoy it and I won’t learn to be a lawyer in a way that will translate to being a professional. There are a lot of great tips you can get from others, but like everything, moderation is key.

Throughout this first semester I have continuously said that I’m more stressed that I’m not stressed. That approach seems to work for me…so far…I guess finals will be the true judge of that. Living in Vermont has also played a key role in my mentality. I’ve learned to take things as they come. I mean, my first week of classes was interrupted by a hurricane…a little Socratic method or a paper with elements of Pennoyer v. Neff is petty compared to that. VLS is a different place because you are challenged in the classroom and to adjust to a different lifestyle. If anything, those who finish VLS will emerge as lawyers with a different outlook on life…an outlook that is needed in society.


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