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There is always time for some fun, even before finals…

Last Spring, following the Kentucky victory over North Carolina in the NCAA tournament, a fellow student and I made a wager for the December 3rd rematch.  My fellow classmate, a UNC alumnus, would wear Kentucky garb to VLS the following Monday if UK prevailed.  I, a UK alumnus, would be donning UNC clothes if the Tarheels proved victorious.

So on Saturday at noon, both of us took a break for finals preparations to watch this epic battle between two college basketball bluebloods at 5 Olde.  The game was intense, with neither team leading by more than 6 points throughout the entire second half.  In the end, my Kentucky Wildcats prevailed!

Coming to class one week before finals has never been more enjoyable.  My friend, true to his word, is wearing both pants and a t-shirt from the UK bookstore.  He wants a rematch, and I look forward to it… hopefully in next Spring’s Final Four.  Who knows, perhaps I will be wearing UNC garb after that game… yeah, if pigs fly!


Happy finals prep… and go Cats!!!


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