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It’s been the entire semester, and I have not posted once – I’ve been far too busy with my longer ride, appellate, my other classes, my puppy, and day to day life.  In the afterglow of appellate, I now find (barely any) time to write again.

Appellate Advocacy requirements at VLS form a rite of passage of sorts.  AppAd tries to prepare students for practice by requiring researching and writing a brief, and then arguing in front of a panel of judges (composed of judges, lawyers, and similar folk).  It’s a ton of work and rather complicated, but remains somewhat helpful.  At this point, all I can do is feel glad that it is over and wonder what my grades are like while hoping for an unlikely invitation to AAA. 

Now I need to start working on the second draft of my AWR, prepare for the end of classes, ready myself for finals, and gear up to travel every weekend of the month while still coming home for Monday night’s dance class (getting married in June, and our dancing needs some TLC).

Anyway, onwards!




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