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The Break IS Come

After a long semester of hard work and anxiety, it is great to wake up without any plans and to ask the next relative or friend what the plan is for the day. Even though I won’t have an African Christmas with family, I have gotten used to Christmas in America with good friends. This year I am lucky to be spending the holidays with a Sierra Leonean friend who is doing everything to recreate salone in America, and I am loving it. After these many years of living away from home, I have lost the idea of clinging to traditions and the idea of recreating home away from home.  I have learned to let life be whatever it can be wherever I am.  But no matter how one adapts, one can never replace the emotions of missing a loving family.  I know the other Kaifalas are laughing loud as usual and making fun of “the American boy” who won’t be with them again. But I hope they all know that many Americans stand in their place and grant me the generosity of their homes and love, just like I would have had at home.  So, though I miss you all, I am in good hands with a little love from my friends every day!


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