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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Moving along

Once again, time does not stand still during law school.  I’ve blinked and suddenly we’re three weeks into the semester already.  It started slow with a couple of shortened weeks, but the semester is chugging along.  My classes this semester seem pretty good so far, and I am loving that I only have classes four […]

Shout Out to the VLS Gear Shed

So far, Vermont has suffered a lackluster winter. The temperatures have been high, the snow evasive, and the cycle of freeze-thaw-refreeze very annoying. As a Southerner, I must confess that I am not winter’s biggest fan. But since I now live in a state that does winter well, I’m willing to give the season a […]

The Hunt Begins

The first semester seems like it lasted only 3 weeks. In all honesty, I miss it. I miss having Contracts with Professor Firestone at 8:30 in the morning. It’s amazing to think that we are 1/6 of the way towards completing our degree. Second semester arrived quickly and started with a “Career Services Boot Camp.” […]

Legal Ethics, Ethics, Ethics

During your 1L year, no one focuses on legal ethics that much. It’s just a another hazy law-related thing that you’ll concern yourself with sometime during your second year, just like administrative or corporate law. But after you take that step into 2L year? Legal ethics permeates EVERYTHING. I took Legal Ethics, aka “Legal Profession,” […]

The Last Semester

Finally, snow settled on what has been a brown and sometimes wet South Royalton ground these past this week.  Everyone, back from their respective vacation spots, can partake in their long awaited winter activities.  One classmate showed up to estates already in his snow pants in preparation for hopping in his car and hitting the […]

Round 2

Spring semester classes begin today, meaning that it’s time for Round 2 of 1L year! After surviving Round 1 –particularly adjusting to the newness of law school and establishing a study routine– I feel ready for Round 2. This is because I learn best by doing. Having now experienced law school, including, most importantly, final […]

Back at it

It is hard to believe that we have survived (mostly in one piece) the first semester of our 1L year.  I had intentions of a very happy blog posting after my last final, but I got distracted by the huge weight off my shoulders following the completion of exams.  Regardless, it feels SO great to […]