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The Last Semester

Finally, snow settled on what has been a brown and sometimes wet South Royalton ground these past this week.  Everyone, back from their respective vacation spots, can partake in their long awaited winter activities.  One classmate showed up to estates already in his snow pants in preparation for hopping in his car and hitting the slopes after class.  Students are checking out snowshoes and cross-country skis from the gear shed.  Everyone can indulge in the simple pleasures of a snowy winter (and hopefully minimize driving in it).  I have been enjoying drinking a lot of tea and admiring the season from the comfort of my apartment.

Although, this afternoon, in a fit of restlessness, I took a walk around town, admiring the glow the bright grey light gave to the town and surrounding landscape.  This is what winter should be.  In DC, it never gets cold enough for it to do more than rain and freeze and make everyone hate the season.  Much more of the country and the world is turning out the same, as climate changes.  It saddens me, as a northern Midwesterner, how many people rag on winter without ever really knowing its full potential.

Times like these are meant to be savored.  The same could be said for one’s last semester of law school.  Sure, sometimes the conditions are terrible, with the atmosphere leaving one in a lousy mood, but overall, things are actually really quite beautiful.  Pretty soon, people will be counting on us to solve their problems and holding us accountable for our work.  These are the last few moments to pick up some pointers without risking any major consequences.  I am taking classes that interest me, along with ones that are useful for future practice and the bar, as well as volunteering at the ACLU.  Beyond all school obligations, I am happy to have most of my friends back here to go on winter adventures with me.  Basically, what is to stop us from enjoying life?  Who said law school had to be a drag?

Here is to a full and fabulous semester, Swans!



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