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Shout Out to the VLS Gear Shed

So far, Vermont has suffered a lackluster winter. The temperatures have been high, the snow evasive, and the cycle of freeze-thaw-refreeze very annoying. As a Southerner, I must confess that I am not winter’s biggest fan. But since I now live in a state that does winter well, I’m willing to give the season a try. It just has to stick around!

Winter showed up, briefly, a couple of weeks ago, and a friend (also a Southerner) and I decided we would take advantage of it. Neither of us are great skiiers, so we decided to pass on that option. Also, while cross-country skiing is something I’ve begun to work at, a more relaxed winter activity was in order. The solution: snow-shoeing.

(I’m not gonna lie, but I have to admit that I was a tad disappointed to discover–prior to my snow showing outing–that snow shoes have evolved substantially, and that they are no longer like wooden tennis rackets. but I digress…)

We checked out snow shoes from the VLS Gear Shed, and spent a couple of hours wandering the trails at Billings Farm in Woodstock. It was fun to try something completely new, and even better to get outside. In the South, winter is a time to stay indoors. Cabin fever abounds. I love that Vermont embraces winter. As for snow shoeing, it turned out to be incredibly simple. Perhaps I expected more, but it was slightly anticlimactic to discover that snow shoeing is just walking/hiking on the snow. Regardless, it was a good outing, and I’m excited for the prospect of future outdoor winter activities.


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