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Moving along

Once again, time does not stand still during law school.  I’ve blinked and suddenly we’re three weeks into the semester already.  It started slow with a couple of shortened weeks, but the semester is chugging along.  My classes this semester seem pretty good so far, and I am loving that I only have classes four days a week… I can’t express how amazing it is to have three-day weekends every week.  My criminal law class is a little later in the day than I normally like, but having that extra day off makes it well worth any inconvenience.  While we don’t have much choice in our first year classes, being able to choose our section for legal writing II has been great.  It’s nice to finally get into a class that really focuses on an area that I am genuinely interested in (don’t get me wrong, the rules of civil procedure are riveting, but is not exactly my cup of tea).  So far the legal writing class has given me an opportunity to take some of the things I learned in the first semester and use them to learn more about the area I want to ultimately focus on, so it has been reassuring that even though civil procedure, torts, and contracts may seem far from where I want to end up, turns out they will come in handy (imagine that!).  So far I am enjoying all my classes and feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the subjects.  It has definitely helped to know that I have made it through one semester of law school.  This semester is far less intimidating than the first, simply because I know a little better what to expect out of lectures, readings, and exams, when the time rolls around.


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