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Monthly Archives: February 2012


Well last week was a stressful one with a LOT going on.  had a huge legal writing memo due… interviewed for a summer internship…and turned in my application to a dual degree program that i reeeeeally want to get. as stressful as it was to complete each of these, now even more stress is coming […]

The Brawl

I can now proudly say that our class has been indoctrinated into the law school culture. With 2 large group projects due within 24 hours of one another…law school has arrived. I despised group projects in undergrad. The group projects in undergrad generally consist of one or two people doing all of the work and […]

Study Break: Environmental Law

One of the perks of being a JD/MELP is that I am enrolled in Environmental Law as a 1L. After a fall filled with the usual law school classes, Environmental Law has been a welcome change. I love that even though I am a 1L, VLS offers me the opportunity to begin my environmental coursework. […]

Scalia: “Don’t work too hard, move to Cleveland.”

Justice Scalia’s pearls of wisdom at Above the Law struck me this morning. Yes, lawyers should seek a work/life balance, and as someone who grew up in Medina County (south of Cleveland), I think it is worth acknowledging that there are places worth living other than New York or San Francisco.  It also makes sense […]

Wife Saves 5 Roosters’ Lives

Living on a farm while studying the law has been quite the experience.  One thing that my wife and I have most enjoyed has been raising chickens.  Our landlord has never had roosters, however, so when our baby chicks had grown up enough for us to determine their sex, we learned that the roosters would […]

Number 8

8) GPP – I was really excited to join the GPP program, and I have learned a lot from participating in it because I learn more in experiential and interactive classes. My GPP classmates are wonderful people, and we have worked well together. Plus, all of the GPP staff/professors are amazing! I feel like we […]

Number 9

9) the first time I attended Specific Performance – this show (like all of the specific performance shows) was great, and I really remember having a great time! I do not usually stay after classes because I live a ways away, and so this was one of the first times that I can remember staying […]

A Mild Winter

A lot of people look forward to Vermont winters.  Many of my peers buy ski passes and/or just know how to have a good time with a few feet of the white stuff on the ground.  Last year was a great year for it.  I went cross country skiing quite a few times on free […]


*disclaimer, this blog has NOTHING to do with law school, unless you consider the weather kind of related…* ok so this past week was that yearly tradition where people go crazy and grab a groundhog out of his cozy little hole in the ground to see whether or not he freaks out. then we base […]

A Convert

I used to view gyms as one of many gathering points for the alienation for modern humanity.  I could not separate the action of running on a treadmill with the image of a hamster running in a wheel, or going some place to do what could be done in the great outdoors. Perhaps this aversion […]