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A Convert

I used to view gyms as one of many gathering points for the alienation for modern humanity.  I could not separate the action of running on a treadmill with the image of a hamster running in a wheel, or going some place to do what could be done in the great outdoors.

Perhaps this aversion to the gym stems more from being completely non-athletic in my youth, viewing the school gym and weight room as the territory of those who whooped me in dodgeball and shared few extracurricular activities with me.  Combine this with the usual teenage awkwardness, dressed in unenthusiastic clothing for the task of learning how to properly use weightlifting equipment, or at least not be the weakest link in a game of basketball.

So, with these confessions properly disclosed, I wish to retract my previous criticisms regarding the efforts made to bring an improved gym facility to campus.  Why this change of heart, you might ask?  Well, it just so happens that I am turning into a bit of a gym rat.

It is never too late to develop the type of healthy habits they tell you to adopt to cope with law school, even when it is your last semester of your 3L year.  Also, we never know how we may surprise ourselves.  I never dreamed I would find running pleasurable, or strength training rewarding.  Above all, how did I ever go from loathing to feeling great satisfaction when finding myself in the downward-facing dog pose?

So, in my healthier and more toned state-of-being, I will say that I am happy that this new facility is coming down the pipeline to complement the range of fitness and recreational activities available to VLS students.  Who would have thought that law school would bring out the Scrooge in us from time to time?  Bah humbug, slightly heavier and flabbier version of Dana May! Go suck on a protein shake and lighten up!


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