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*disclaimer, this blog has NOTHING to do with law school, unless you consider the weather kind of related…* ok so this past week was that yearly tradition where people go crazy and grab a groundhog out of his cozy little hole in the ground to see whether or not he freaks out. then we base our perception of how much cold weather we have left to endure based on this poor little guys reaction. this has been going on for who knows how many years, and i don’t understand it at all. sure, maybe it’s supposed to just be a distraction from the fact that it’s february and its probably brutally cold and nasty outside. but really, being like “oh little phil did/didn’t see his shadow! no more winter/more winter!” really? anyone who has spent more than 2 winters in new england should know that no one, let alone some sleeply little rodent, can predict when winter will end. there have been years where i’ve driven around in a tshirt with the windows down in february. and there have been years (like my junior year of college at umaine) where outdoor sporting events have been cancelled at the end of april due to too much snow.  winter up here ends when it wants to, and good luck trying to figure out when that might be, cuz mother nature loves to throw out that may snowstorm every once in awhile, just to keep us all on our toes…

for me, a true sign of spring does come in the month of february though. truck day, quite possibly one of my favorite holidays. what is truck day, you may ask? (to which i would answer, guess you’re not a red sox fan)… truck day is the day that is a true signal that spring is coming. it’s the day that they load up the trucks on yawkey way and start the long drive down to fort myers florida for spring training.  to make it even better, it usually falls on/around my birthday, so it’s like a two-for-one deal. less than a week, and “spring” will be on its way, even if it is only in the sense that it is time for spring training. seriously though, nothing says spring more than baseball, regardless of the temperature, snow cover, or what that little groundhog has to say about it… and as much as i love hockey season, i mean winter, i can’t wait for spring….


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