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A Mild Winter

A lot of people look forward to Vermont winters.  Many of my peers buy ski passes and/or just know how to have a good time with a few feet of the white stuff on the ground.  Last year was a great year for it.  I went cross country skiing quite a few times on free trails, and splurged once to go on some groom trails in Woodstock.  We did plenty of snowshoeing and sledding, as well.

Compare this to my first and last winter here, where it has been mild enough to melt the snow some days and let it rain when there could be a white out.  It has been feeling like spring the last week or so.  For some, this has been great.  Their clothes reflect a change of seasons, imagining spring’s arrival.  Overall, their spirits are lifted.  Others and I feel a bit, cheated, you could say.

Good thing many of us are here to fight climate change, right?  Let’s get to it, so we can enjoy maple syrup and the outdoors for more generations, ye?


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