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The Brawl

I can now proudly say that our class has been indoctrinated into the law school culture. With 2 large group projects due within 24 hours of one another…law school has arrived. I despised group projects in undergrad. The group projects in undergrad generally consist of one or two people doing all of the work and allowing the other members to put their name on the paper if they promise to stay out of the way…that’s how it was for me at least. Law school group projects are different. The group is generally made up of the one or two people that did all the work in the undergrad projects. While having a group filled with motivated individuals is great…it’s a massive change. Instead of shaping the entire project to exactly how you want it, you now have 5 people in the group that are used to doing that. Conflicts are prevalent…especially with a group of soon to be lawyers. You will never have a group in undergrad that is inches away from a brawl over the placement of a comma, the use of the § symbol, or how long is too long for a parenthetical. That happens in law school…and it’s a good thing (albeit frustrating at times).

Nevertheless, I am stunned to say that I enjoyed the stress and work that accompanied the projects. I also enjoyed working in a group with individuals that understand the importance of striving for perfection. The long winded arguments and heated exchanges are over. The projects are complete and we survived.


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